In this episode, Dr. Fatu & Dr. Lola interviews Mrs. Khoudia Dia to learn about the beauty and culture of SENEGAL ( the hospitable country of Africa) 




Mrs. Khoudia Dia  is a travel specialist and group travel organizer who specializes in organizing travel to her home country of Senegal! Khoudia understands Senegal through and through and promotes the culture and heritage of her beautiful country. You can connect with her on facebook @Khodia Dia . 

Meet Dr. Fatu & Dr. Lola

Dr. Fatu. Dr. Fatu grew up in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and moved to the US as a teenager, to pursue her dream of being a Doctor. Today She is an obstetrician-gynecologist, writer, and philanthropist who currently lives between Atlanta, Georgia, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, with her husband and four children

  • www.drfatuforna.com 

 Dr. Lola. Dr. Lola is a Nigerian American who spent her early childhood in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Atlanta with her family during her middle school years. Dr. Lola is a pediatric cardiologist and an “ADHD Coach for women” who currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and three children.


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