EPISODE 8: South Africa, The Rainbow Nation of Africa

Episode Overview

In this episode Dr. Fatu & Dr. Lola interview Mrs. Penny Ndlela to learn about the beauty and culture of south Africa, The Unforgettable country in Africa.



Guest Information

Mrs. Penny Ndlela is a travel enthusiast, The Founder and CEO of the soul Travelers Tours, Specifically focused on faith based travel for the black market. she has been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years, her first business was a Marketing and communication Agency (lemon & lime)

You can connect with her on her website www.soultraveller.co.za and @sihle_pennyndlela on all social platforms.

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Places to Visit in Nigeria

Cape Town(beauty of nature and food)

God’s Window (Blyde river canyon nature reserve)

the valley of the thousand hills (Durban’s)